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Athule Aero Services 

Propeller Design

Innovative, Agile, and Affordable. Athule’s Efficient propeller design technology breaks decades old barriers to acoustical noise and sound pollution generated by most operating systems. Less Noise. More Efficiency at no additional cost due to our seamless design processes. Let us scale our tools to any propeller or blade driven platform you wish to design.  

Engineering Services 

Whether you need retrofitting or replacing existing field maintenance tools and processes, Athule’s esteemed team of engineers can work directly with your unique propeller to define and implement solutions to improve propeller systems and efficiency.  We also devote ourselves to the consistent betterment of propeller research, design, and validation through continual innovation.  

"As Chief Engineer for the USAF said, ‘Mission operations security and assurance are significantly enabled if we can address the main source of noise,’ which only cements our belief that propeller driven aviation systems must make the necessary evolution.
That’s why we’re here. “  

John Piatt - CEO 

Market Applications and Solutions

Highest quality materials provide highest quality products

Fixed Wing


Traditional Fueled and Hybrid Aircraft

Electric Aircraft


Military (logistics/ISR)

Personal & Private Use





Ducted & Vector Thrust

New & Emerging Concepts 




Push & Pull Propellers


Multi-Bladed Systems 

Single Rotor Systems 

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