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Who We Are

We are making propellers quieter and more efficient.

In the ever evolving and increasing proliferation of propeller driven manned and unmanned aerial systems, the awareness and impact of noise pollution and audible detection has become a primary concern of both developers and the public in general.  More than 10 years of dedicated research and development surrounded the addressing and solving of this problem.  Athule Aero Technologies was founded to accelerate this technology to address these pain points experienced by the Commercial and Military markets.

Athule has designed and will implement an innovative, highly agile, ultra-quiet and efficient propeller design addressing noise pollution inherent to common propeller design without the added weight, cost, or form factor to fielded and emerging systems. 

Our innovation reduces acoustical detection often attributed by the blade element momentum theory (BEMT) while increasing performance and efficiency of conventional propellers.  

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Eco-Friendly Design Innovation and Advantages 

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Propeller aircraft are up to 40% more efficient on energy requirement than similar sized jets. Athule is addressing the increasing demand for propeller driven platforms in all uses.


Up to 75% reduction in urban noise pollution from propeller driven aircraft.  Athule is addressing future demand for urban drone, delivery and taxi use.

Up to 15% increase in operational efficiency compared to existing propellers. Athule is reducing demand on future energy and fuel sources with more efficient propellers.

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