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Innovative Propeller Design & Engineering Services

50% - 75% reduction in ambient noise

Up to 15% increase in operational efficiency  

Use current manufacturing methods 

Use on UAS, Fixed Wing, eVTOL, Fans, Turbines, & More

Why Athule Aero?

A breakthrough innovation in propeller design resulting in the next generation of propellers for the aviation market.  The Ultra-quiet and highly efficient propeller design addresses noise pollution inherent to common propeller designs.  True innovation offering a direct replacement for existing and emerging systems.


What We Do


Propeller Design

Athule offers Custom or Stock Propeller replacement design solutions to address platform performance requirements while addressing noise reduction and efficiency of operation.  



Athule’s engineering team works directly with the customer to define and implement solutions to provide a properly matched replacement for an existing propeller design or to provide a unique propeller solution to optimize for noise reduction and efficiency of operation. 


Testing & Validation

Working with our accredited partner facilities and approved manufacturers, Athule can validate the efficacy of your design with the utmost confidence of required performance and mission success. 

Athule Aero Applications 

Our Partners 


Efficient propellers with reduced noise generation are necessary for air vehicles to coexist in urban environments or be successfully used for ISR missions. Traditional propeller design uses Blade Element Momentum Theory (BEMT) to minimize induced losses. Athule Aero Technologies proprietary propeller design approach minimizes induced drag and reduces thrust loading near tip. This lowers the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and power required.

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